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Photography and Text by

Gary W. Griffen



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Through stunning images and more than 30 years of studying and filming wild turkeys,

award-winning wildlife photographer, Gary W. Griffen, examines the natural history, behavior

and conservation of one of America’s most popular birds. Features more than 100 color

photographs of wild turkey behavior. Observe the spring courtship, toms fighting, hens nesting,

predators and much more. Gain new insights into the wild turkey’s diet, home range

and daily habits.

*Producer of the national award-winning wildlife documentary on wild turkeys for the Discovery Channel.




All images copyrighted

© Gary W. Griffen


Book Details Print Version

• Soft Cover : 150 pages

• Publisher: Griffen Productions (2017)

• Book Dimensions: 8 1/2” x 11”

• ISBN 978-0-9863302-0-9

• Printed in USA


*Ebook version is available   for $9.99  

*Includes more than 25 professionally recorded live wild turkey calls!

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