America's Wild Turkey

Narrated by actor,

  Joseph Campanella

Running time 50 Minutes

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Film Awards

  • Teddy Award, (Best of Category) National Outdoor Film Festival

  • Four Star Award, (First Place) OWAA 

  • Best Wildlife Documentary, International Wildlife Film Festival

  • Finalist Award, International Film & TV Festival

  • Follow large flocks of wild turkeys through the remote Eastern woodlands and examine the secret behavior of these wary keen-eyed birds.
  • Gain new insights into a turkey's intriguing social life, diverse language and daily habits.
  • Watch rare scenes of a hen nesting and marvel at her poults developing inside their eggs. See them hatch in an astonishing time-lapse sequence.

tom portraithen flying

All images are copyrighted by Gary and Marcia Griffen

  • Examine the social life of adult toms and see superb photography of bachelor groups, social dominance, fighting, courtship, mating and much more.
  • Listen to the rich vocabulary of the wild turkey including the aggressive purrs of two dominant toms fighting and the pulmonic puffs of a strutting male.
  • Hear the soft yelps and clucks of a mother hen as she shepherds her brood.
  • Learn more about their food preferences, roosting habits and home range.
  • Observe the hen's nesting behavior and watch her newly-hatched poults face the perils of rainstorms and predators.
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