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The Secret Life of Whitetails  

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The Secret Life of Whitetails DVD, Blu-Ray 54 Min.  High Definition. Develop new insights into the secret life of whitetails. All new footage
Elk In America  DVD, Blu-Ray 50 Min.  Captures the life cycle of elk amidst the unforgettable images of the Rocky Mountains. 
Whitetails In America DVD 50 Min.   Detailed life cycle and survival behavior of America's most adaptable large mammal. All new footage. The ultimate! 
Season of the Whitetail Buck DVD 52 Min.   Take an incredible journey into the Canadian wilderness and follow huge whitetail bucks during the annual drama of the autumn rut. 
America's Wild Turkey DVD 50 Min.   Follow large flocks of wild turkeys through the remote Eastern woodlands and discover the secret behavior of these wary, keen-eyed birds. 
Moose: Spirit of the North Woods DVD 52 Min.   Journey into the heart of the north woods to witness the remarkable life of the woodland moose. 
Land of the Ringneck DVD50 Min.   Examine the fascinating life cycle of the ring-necked pheasant.  Gain new insights into their complex social life, daily habits and communications. 
Whitetails in America BOOK

Gary W. Griffen examines the natural history, behavior and conservation of one of America's most revered creatures, the white-tailed deer.  More than 100 dramatic color photographs of the deer's life cycle. Mr. Griffen has produced four national award-winning TV specials on whitetails for the Discovery Channel. Signed by author $24.95 Free shipping.
Americas Wild Turkey Book

Through stunning images and more than 30 years of studying and filming wild turkeys, award-winning wildlife photographer, Gary W. Griffen, examines the natural history, behavior and conservation of one of America’s most popular birds. Features more than 100 color photographs of wild turkey behavior. Observe the spring courtship, toms fighting, hens nesting, predators and much more. Gain new insights into the wild turkey’s diet, home range and daily habits. $24.95 Soft cover 150 pages  Free shipping


Whitetails In Our Backyard  BOOK


Life cycle of the white-tailed deer for children and young adults. 50 Pages, full-color photos, laminated hard cover, size 8.5" x 11" book. Bookmark is included and signed by the author. $19.95 Free shipping
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