Spirit of the North Woods

Narrated by actor, Richard Kiley

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Running time 52 minutes
including bonus 5 minutes not seen on Discovery TV Broadcast.

Film Awards

  • Gold Camera Award, (First Place) US International Film & Video Festival
  • Best of Category, (Second Place) International Wildlife Film Festival
  • Merit Award, (For Biological Information) International Wildlife Film Festival
  • Merit Award, (For Cinematography)  International Wildlife Film Festival


  • Journey into the heart of the north woods to witness the remarkable life of the woodland moose.
  • You'll take a close-up look at these solitary giants, set against the rugged beauty of northern Maine, New Hampshire and eastern Canada.
  • Witness breathtaking close-ups of adult males, weighing over 1,000 pounds, aggressively thrashing trees, sparring and intimidating rivals.
  • Enter a secluded bog in late September and listen to the enchanting mating calls of a cow in estrus and observe the unique courtship ritual
    of a dominant bull and his new mate.

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  • In late May, watch a mother moose care for her newborn calves.

  • Examine the solitary life of a bachelor bull and learn more about his daily habits, enormous appetite and antler growth.

  • As the seasons change, follow moose as they face predators, vehicles, the harsh northern winter and human threats.

  • This superbly shot documentary captures, in vivid detail, the fascinating lifecycle of moose, amidst the
    unforgettable images and sounds of the north woods. It's a "must-see" film for anyone who reveres the
    independent spirit of these magnificent creatures.

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