Season of the 

Whitetail Buck

Narrated by actor, Richard Kiley
Running time 52 Minutes

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    Film Awards

  • Teddy Award, (Best of Category) National Outdoor Film Festival

  • World Medal,  (Best of Category) International NY Festival

  • Merit Award, (For Soundtrack) International Wildlife Film Festival

  • Merit Award, (For Excellent Footage) International Wildlife Film Festival

  • New revealing information on scrapes, rubs and social dominance.
  • Gain new insights into an older male's nocturnal behavior, antler growth and strategies for avoiding humans and predators
  • Listen to actual deer vocalizations, including the aggressive snort wheeze of a dominant buck.
  • Enter the night woods and see the nocturnal world of the whitetail.
  • Watch astonishing footage of a buck removing and eating the velvet from his antlers!

All images are copyrighted by Gary W. Griffen  

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